About Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc.

Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN Inc.) is a full-service consulting firm offering planning, engineering, and program management services. As a recognized leader in the industry, LAN features a successful track record in traditional design-bid-build projects, as well as alternative design-build and construction-manager-at-risk project delivery methods.

LAN is leveraging Projectmates construction program management software as its primary platform for managing projects and collaborating with key parties. The system provides LAN with tools to easily communicate and coordinate tasks with the project owner, as well as external parties such as architects and contractors.

About Projectmates Construction Project Management Software

An owner's rep has countless moving pieces and project participants to account for when managing construction projects. Managing the needs of the project owner, as well as coordinating with external parties such as the general contractor and architect can be a difficult task involving several channels of communication.

Projectmates construction program management software exists to streamline all of this project communication onto a single, centralized platform. Accessible from any device with any browser, Projectmates provides a hub for all parties to collaboratively manage a project in real-time.

Projectmates provides a centralized location for construction document management, schedule management, RFI & submittal management, and enables seamless construction budget and cost management, including vendor management tied to contracts, change orders, and automatic routing for pay applications and invoices.

Projectmates also includes powerful project analytics and reporting capabilities. Project leaders for owner's reps are able to easily generate dynamic, up-to-the-minute reports on project progress for the owner. The informative and highly customizable reports give at-a-glance business intelligence and empower project teams to make quick decisions and address issues.

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